Congregational Pastors

Start a peer learning community.

  • What commitments do group members make?
  • What commitments do group leaders make?
  • What is the flow of typical group meetings?

Denominational Leaders & Clergy Supporters

Develop a strategy of support.

  • How do we evaluate the services we provide pastors?
  • What’s different about the pastoral excellence approach?
  • What role should pastors play in their own development?

What is Pastoral Excellence?

Pastoral excellence is a specific approach to nurturing the lives and ministries of clergy. It invites pastors to connect with each other through a structured community of peers, explore Christian practices for thriving throughout the life of their ministries, and rediscover the beauty of their calling and vocation by cultivating imagination through border crossing. Learn More »

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L. Gregory Jones and Kelly Gilmer: Performance as leadership preparation Photoby Faith & Leadership

5/22/2011 | Our educational system and broader culture often teach us to be critics rather than performers. And yet performers are better equipped to lead institutions, because they have learned to practice, persevere and adapt.
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